Titanium Dioxide

Ilmenite concentrate is used as a feedstock for titanium dioxide production. Ilmenite is ground down, dried out, and then decomposed in the concentrated sulphuric acid. Derived fusion of titanium sulfate is being cooled and watered down to certain concentration. Then trivalent iron is restored in solution of titanium sulfate to bivalent one.

The extracted solution is defecated and it is sent to black filtration. In the filtered solution, during cooling, a green vitriol is crystallized and it is then dissociated from mother solution with centrifuges. Further solution of titanium sulfate is evaporated to standard concentration and it is sent to the hydrolysis.
During the next process, hydrolysis, the amorphous flakes of hydrate of titanium dioxide is selected. Extracted pulp of titanium dioxide hydrate undergoes a two stage filtration, where washing from chromophoric admixtures and bleaching takes place. After addition of necessary components, the paste of hydrate of titanium dioxide is calcinated in calcination stoves. In the process of calcinations hydrated moisture is split off and pigmental properties are given to the obtained titanium dioxide.

The calcinated product is ground down in two stages and is passed on for surface treatment. Surface treatment is conducted by the certain chemical matters for giving to pigmental titanium dioxide of certain consumer properties. The treated pigmental titanium dioxide is dried and passed micro grinding. Ground ready-made product is packed up and passed for storage.