Application of Fumed Silica in Different Industries
Fumed silica is used as a filling agent for many different applications, due to the unique properties of its particles: ultra fine size, homogeneity, spherical shape and highest purity. When added in liquids, it produces thickening effect that is very important for the production of lubricants, lacquers, paints, glues, sealants, medicines and perfumery products.

Modified Grades of Fumed Silica
The methyl-modified silica is heat-resistant organophilic products with good hydrophobic properties. It is obtained through chemical modification of the surface of ultra fine silica by chloroorganic silanes. High dispersion and chemical properties of the surface allow for use of hydrophobic silica as a thickening and matting agent as well as a reinforcing filler in different compounds. Addition of fumed silica to various paint and lacquer systems enhances water, heat and frost resistance of coated surfaces and provides their safety in aggressive environment not favorable to proper operation.